Report on Mission to Athens Feb 2013

Report on Mission to Athens Feb 20th -25th  2013

Dear Friends,

We have just returned from our first mission trip to Athens and feel very encouraged about the links that we made with pastors and church leaders from many different groups and nationalities.

Our initial contact came through Pastor Jonathon of River of Grace church in Athens when I met with him in Athens in July 2012.  At that time I travelled to Athens as part of an educational trip with a London Academy.  I was asked by one of the church leaders in London to make contact with Pastor Jonathon which was a great time of fellowship.

Jane and I were invited to return and to speak at a series of meetings at the River of Grace church. The meetings were as follows:-

Thursday 21st Feb – Pastors and leaders fellowship and meal.

Around fifty pastors and leaders from a number of churches and nationalities gathered to worship and receive encouragement and ministry.

We were very encouraged by the enthusiastic response to us and to our ministry. We focused on building relationship and the necessity of unity and honour among the many leaders in this great and ancient city.

Friday 22nd Feb – Women Pastors Fellowship and meal

Following the Thursday meeting Jane was invited to speak to a number of women pastors who meet on a monthly basis. Again these leaders represented a number of different churches but mainly from the Fillippino  churches.

Jane gave some personal testimony on dealing with the real issues of life and encouraged them in the anointing and calling of God. The women pastors were very open to receive personal prayer ministry and were mightily touched by the Holy Spirit. A great night was had by all to the glory of God.

Saturday 23rd Feb –             Revival meeting at River of Life church

After some sight seeing around Piraeus harbor during the day we ministered at an open revival meeting on Saturday evening.

A number of the pastors who had attended the previous meetings brought members of the congregations to receive ministry from the Holy Spirit. I ministered on the River of God from Ezekiel 47 and encouraged everyone to be a free flowing conduit for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

There was a very open response to the message and to personal prayer ministry . The presence of the Holy Spirit was very powerful and many lives were impacted.

Sunday 24th – Morning  at River of Grace Church

On Sunday morning two Filipino churches combined together for a meeting at the River of Grace church. Many of the folk had attended the other meetings and so the ministry flow was very much a continuation of the same freedom and Holy Spirit outpouring.

I ministered from the Mark account of the encounter with Jesus of blind Bartimaeus. The key message is that we need to activate faith to step out of our history to take hold of our destiny in Jesus Christ.

Again the response was powerful and many folk were blessed and received new freedom and release through faith in the Lord Jesus.

Sunday 24th – Evening Revival Meeting at River of Grace Church

Again Pastor Jonathon very kindly hosted a revival meeting at the River of Grace Church building.  Many of the same people returned for more blessing and brought others with them.

I had not been scheduled to speak at this meeting but I was invited to preach at somewhat short notice and all I can say is – God is good!

I linked the passage of John 7 where Jesus promises that Rivers of Living water will flow from those who are thirsty for Him with the Pentecost passage in Acts 2.  The Lord is not slow to bless and to confirm His precious word.

There was again a great release of the Holy Spirit and Freedom with many receiving release and new joy in the Lord.


Jane and I feel both privileged and humbled to have served the Lord and His people during this short Mission to Athens. We thank Father God for the opportunity and for His grace that touched so many lives.

Thanks to Pastor Jonathon and his lovely wife Melogyn who hosted most of the events. Thanks to the amazing team of servant hearted helpers who worked so tirelessly to provide food for everyone after every meeting. You are amazing.

We also are very grateful to our friend Magno Rona from the UK who worked so hard in facilitating these events. Huge thanks and appreciation to his son Nathan who led the worship at the events with great passion and anointing. Your sensitivity and openness to the Holy Spirit is precious.

Future Developments

 It would seem that the Lord has opened up an “effectual door” for Living Stones Ministries among the believers in Athens.  Several of the pastors and leaders have asked that we return to encourage, equip and release the saints.  We feel very humbled but also excited in our spirits that this is the right thing to do.

We have agreed to return for twelve days from May 29th to June 10th . This will mean that we can include meetings for pastors and leaders and also be available for two weekends to encourage the believers as they gather for worship.

Our plan would be to run some meetings over the first weekend based on the Father Heart message and then the following week we would focus on some aspects of my book entitled Kingdom and Culture which would better equip them to reach out into their various communities.

We would also be able to take a couple of days rest midweek which we were unable to take during the busy schedule of this mission.

Prayer Support

 We offer our thanks to all those friends of Living Stones Ministries who have supported us in prayer for this mission. We have felt your love, your support and your commitment to seeing the Kingdom of Heaven reach the nations of the world.

We are very grateful for your prayer support during this past week and we would ask that you continue to uphold us as we seek to serve the Lord and His people through Living Stones Ministries.

Please pray for the right connections to develop in Athens beyond those already established, and for the wherewithal to be released to make this next mission possible.

Financial Support

 In addition to supporting Living Stones Ministries in prayer we ask you to also consider supporting the June Mission to Athens financially.  The outlay for travel and accommodation for the twelve days will be in the region of  £1000. We have committed to this in faith knowing that whatever is in the will of God will receive His provision.


 We have included below a couple of the testimonies we have received to date.

“Greeting’s to you Pastor Geoff and Jane,,we thank God for sending you here in Athens and become a Great blessing and encouragement to us to become more faithful and more passionate to continue doing the work of the kingdom of God.You have release and imparted to us the true spirit of Revival.God bless you always and we are so gladly waiting for your soon return…..

Pastor J”


“Hello Geoff, I felt like we have been working together in the mission field for a long time. I agree God has something plan for us. Yes we will plan to join you on the next mission trip, maybe the first weekend God willing… MR”

We give Him all the glory.


Geoff and Jane

 Living Stones Ministries

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