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Endorsements for Adoption and Destiny

“Adoption and Destiny will give you keys to your destiny. Geoff’s inquisitive and logical mind takes us from salvation to Sonship. Being the son of a loving caring Father who called him into life and wholeness, he is able to encourage the “orphans” of this world to identify their new nature in Christ, and follow Him into the Father’s heart and destiny. Christ’s affirming presence will defeat the fears of rejection and inadequacy, and enable you to choose the best so that as a servant-leader, you will fulfill your calling, all the while growing in character and competence. This book will get you going into effective fruitful ministry!”

John Arnott
Founding Pastor, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship


“I have known Geoff Blease for many years. He has the rare gift of possessing both a strong evangelistic zeal as well as a caring pastor’s heart. His book marries the style of biblical commentary and personal anecdote which acts as a conduit to carry his primary passion – the understanding of the heart of the Father towards his church.”

John Glass
General Superintendent of the Elim Pentecostal Churches


“I have known Geoff Blease for many years. He is a man of the highest integrity with a deep passion for God the Father and a real determination to see others move into their destiny as sons and daughters of God.

The book before you has a unique approach to the message of the Father Heart of God. It comes from the perspective of an excellent earthly father relationship and portrays a wonderful perspective of how the whole message of the love of the Father works into the complete master plan of God. I hope you will enjoy this book and be as challenged by the truths within as I have been. Be blessed.”

Kevin Peat
Regional Leader of the Scottish and Northwest Regions of the Elim Pentecostal Churches


“I have had the joy of knowing Geoff Blease for many years. He really is a father in the faith, full of love for the Father and full of love for those seeking Him.

I was deeply moved when I read his book and amazed how such an important biblical concept was expressed in such a straight forward easy to understand way, drawing from his own personal experiences in life. I know as you read it you too, will be encouraged to reach your full potential.”

Marilyn Harry
Evangelist and Founder of Harvest Time, World Mission Centre


“Geoff Blease is more than a theorist in these matters he’s a successful practitioner as can clearly be seen in even a casual reading of this book. Geoff has unique insights into the relationship the Father loves to have with His children and that makes this book a must for those seeking a fully rounded understanding of the Father and the Father’s heart message.”

David Campbell
Regional Leader of the Metropolitan Regions of the Elim Pentecostal Churches


“Geoff is my pastor, leader, and friend. He is a man committed to living out in the real world what God puts on his heart and what he preaches. He is real, not afraid to identify with the challenges of life that we all face, with its joys and frustrations, excitement and sadness, successes and failures, but not prepared to compromise on God’s high calling for us all. He is forever pressing in for more of God and inspires us to do the same. He is a man with a big heart. He has a heart to bring people who do not yet know Jesus into God’s Kingdom and, just as strong, a love for God’s church and a passion to see us fulfil our destiny – rising up as God’s mature sons so that we can be about the Father’s business. We feel grateful and privileged to walk that road with him.”

David Bolton
Member of the leadership team at Chilterns Christian Fellowship


Endorsements for Kingdom and Culture

“Geoff’s book is full of principles to bring change to our society. He takes us on a journey into how kingdoms work and function. He then takes us deeper into how kingdoms are set up in our culture. Finally, he gives lots of practical steps on how believers in a loving God can effect change to the cultures and the kingdoms of this world. A passionate call for this very possible revolution.”

Steve Long, Senior Pastor, Catch the Fire Toronto


“Geoff has set out for us his view of the Kingdom of God and the rights and responsibilities we have within it. Rather than simply diagnosing the demise of a degenerating culture, he offers an antidote in the form of the church. A well-researched and challenging read.”

Rev John Glass, General Superintendent, Elim Pentecostal Churches


“It has been my privilege to work closely with Geoff for almost a decade and I have always been impressed by his integrity and passion for the King and His Kingdom. In this thoughtful and thought provoking book Geoff shares practical insights into the Kingdom of God that will actually work in the lives of ordinary people likeme. He deals with current thinking in a relevant and accessible way and the result is a very readable book full of scripture and common sense.”

Rev David Campbell, Regional Leader, Elim Pentecostal Churches


“Geoff studied authority during his career in the British Army and has experienced being both “under” and “in” authority in the business world and also in the church. He throws great light on the authority of the believer and the believer’s role within the walls of the “Seven Mountains” that shape the cultures in which we all live. What an eye opener!

This book will be very useful to both leaders and ordinary believers alike. This is must read material!”

Rev (Major rtd) Sam Larbie, Senior Pastor, Elim Camberwell, London