Can it really be nine months since Jane and I set out on this next phase of our ministry together?  The time seems to have flown by with such a busy and varied programme of events. We certainly have not let the grass grow under our feet but we are also very much aware that busyness does not always mean fruitfulness.

 With that in mind we continually seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit to lead us and to open the right and “effectual” doors of opportunity where our ministry will produce fruit for the Kingdom of God.

During this period we have continued to serve David and Mandy Campbell in the Metropolitan West Region. Jane serves on the Regional Ladies Team with Mandy and I serve David as Regional Co-coordinator. Both these roles mean that we stay in touch with leaders and local church situations. It has been a real privilege to spend quality time with pastors and wives where we can build friendships and help talk through the issues of both personal and church life. We hope to not only continue this role but to build upon it by hosting some events for leaders within the region to get together informally and socially.

We continue to bring leadership oversight and guidance to ICM (International Christian Ministries). Pastor Lily Florida started this network of mainly Filipino churches some 29 years ago and today we have five churches in London, one in Bristol, one in Antwerp and six in the Philippines.

Our role is to develop the vision and strategy and also to mentor and train the leaders within the network. We are truly honoured and delighted to have this opportunity to serve these great people who are so passionate for Jesus. We are also truly blessed by their fun, their food, and of course their Photos!

One of the highlights of this year so far was our first mission to the Philippines where we spent three weeks in February. This was a truly wonderful experience during which we saw many lives impacted with the love and power of God. We saw scores of people commit their lives to Jesus and enter into a new and living hope that transformed their lives. A short report is given below but please visit our website for a complete report and photos of this mission.

We ministered in schools, churches, a shanty town, a parenting conference and a major leadership training day. In each of these different situations we saw the Lord move mightily impacting people of all ages as we shared with them the love of God and the message of the Kingdom.  We saw people commit their  lives to Jesus in nearly all of these meetings, even in the schools we were encouraged to give altar calls every time.  It was wonderful to see these young people so open to the Holy Spirit as they came forward for ministry and spirit baptism.

At the end of the parenting seminar with around 50 parents in attendance, mainly from the local shanty town, we gave an altar call and some fifteen or so mums came forward to acknowledge saving faith in Jesus. We are confident that Pastor Glenn and his lovely wife, Nadette,  will look after these precious souls.

We refer to this visit as a mission, because although we were working with churches in the Manila area we financed the whole trip from Living Stones Ministries resources. We have been invited back by Bishop James Isaguirre, the Elim link in the Philippines, and we have agreed to return early in 2015 provided we can raise the funds. This year the net outlay was around £2000.

Shortly after our return from the Philippines we visited our links in Athens. These are mainly Filipino churches but now we have developed links with two Greek churches and pastors from Pakistan, Africa, Romania who all live and minister in and around Athens.

One of the Greek churches also runs a TV and Internet based ministry and I understand that our visit to his church is now fully recorded and available to download. Visit “God’s Love Church Athens” and you may find it. Enjoy.

Another main area activity is as core members of the Love Wales team. This team is led by Elim Evangelist Marilyn Harry with the vision to re-evangelise the nation of Wales within the next ten years by working together across all the denominations, lifting up the name of Jesus.

We have already launched the vision in South Wales when around 130 leaders from across South Wales gathered in Swansea in January to hear the vision. We received great affirmation and encouragement from that meeting. We also hosted two simultaneous prayer events on St David’s Day, 1st March 2014, one in Swansea and the other in Cardiff. These were powerful encounters where around 200 people gathered to pray for the nation of Wales.

On that particular visit to Wales on March 2nd we were invited to take part in an hour long broadcast on Radio Cardiff. This is a secular station but each Sunday morning there is a Christian music and chat programme  that reaches out to all around the Cardiff area. Both Jane and I were interviewed about our life and walk of faith and given a freedom to give the gospel with no holds barred. Apparently the feedback to Radio Cardiff was very encouraging. We have an open invitation to broadcast again whenever we visit Cardiff.

We visited Beaumaris in April for the North Wales launch of Love Wales, and although a smaller meeting, it was equally as powerful. On Sunday morning 13th April Jane ministered at the Elim Church in Holyhead and I ministered in the English Baptist church, and then I ministered at the Elim church in the evening. This was a really good visit and paved the way for future involvement in North Wales, a region that really does need a mighty move of God.

We are also, as part of the Love Wales team, hosting a three day Evangelism Equippers Conference at Cefn Lea on May 30th to June 1st.

During August we will be involved in a series of tent missions where we will be reaching the 35 villages and communities in the Rhondda Valley over a period of four weeks. In September Jane and I will be leading an interchurch tent mission in the Neath Valley town of Resolven, a small town of around 2,500 people in the heart of the Welsh valleys.

We shall be looking to build a team to help the churches in Resolven so if you want to come on a mission in September please do let us know and we can train and equip you. The dates are 11th to 14th September.

On Saturday November 1st we are holding a Prayer and High Praise Breakthrough event in LLangefni, which is the county town of Anglesey. We shall be gathering as many Christians as possible to this event with the aim of breaking the demonic strongholds and releasing an open heaven over Anglesey. We are delighted to have Vanessa Richardson on board for this event as she carries a great anointing in this area of breakthrough. Please do get in touch if you want to join us for the weekend. We shall be preaching at the Elim church in Holyhead on the morning of Sunday 2nd November.

We continue to be committed to Rivercamp and will again be setting up camp for around ten days from 17th August. This year we have the added celebration of my 70th birthday on Monday 18th so I guess I will be asking to be excused from any setting up duties that evening!

Our preaching engagements continue to keep us busy at the weekends. We have been away from home church most weekends since the beginning of the year and we have dates booked already through to November with just a few free dates between now and then.

We feel greatly honoured to be able to serve the wider body of Christ in this way as we bring in revelatory and prophetic teaching on the Kingdom of God and the role of the church in God’s end time plans.

Our aim in ministry is threefold. It is to “inform” the head, “inspire” the heart, and “empower” the hands. We seek to give information, inspiration and practical application so that believers are prepared and equipped to live as overcomers in this life and to impact the lives of others through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.


Family Matters

 We continue to be blessed by our family. They are all fantastic individuals, very different, and coping with the challenges of modern life. The major difficulty we have is the distance involved if we want to visit. Although Mary Jane and Matthew live in London, Sarah lives in Warrington and Tom lives in Devon.

Recently Sarah and her husband Phil added to our tally of grandchildren and presented us with a beautiful grand daughter, Evie Jane. She is simply gorgeous, but then of course I may be just a little biased!

Devizes to Westminster

 A major event for us this year has been the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race which took place over Easter.

I have wanted to compete in this event since Jane and I organized and supported the winning crew way back in 1968 when I served with the Parachute Brigade.  It is known as the “Everest of Kayaking” and with good reason as it calls for extreme effort over 126 miles of waterways from Devizes to Westminster Bridge in the centre of London.

Tom, my incredibly fit eldest son, and I entered the event in the Endeavour class which means that we have a ten hour window on each of the first three days to cover the day stages. Sadly we were “eliminated” after nine and a half hours due to the fact we would not make the first stage within the allowed time.

This was a sad blow indeed but understandable as I had been in severe pain from just after the start with a recurrence of a groin and hip injury that had occurred in training but which we thought had recovered.  This meant that we paddled slower than we had expected and that getting in and out of the kayak at each of the portages was a much slower process than it should be.

Our support team of Garry and Pam Dawson and Martin and Eve West, along with my ever faithful Jane, were absolutely amazing. Thank you folks, you are so appreciated.

Although we did not finish the event we did our best. The limitation was however not with Tom who is incredibly fit and strong, but rather with me and my injury.  Tom has however agreed to paddle with his “old man” again next year if I can prove I am fit and strong enough. Now there’s a challenge.

We did however raise in the region of £600 in aid of the Spinal Injuries Association, a charity that has done so much to help our very special friend Martin Gadd since his accident some eight years ago. The Just Giving page is still open if you want to add to that total!!!!


 We very much appreciate those who have committed to partner with us both in prayer and also with financial support. We cannot continue in this ministry without you. We feel the strength that comes from your prayers and of course your financial support helps to fund the missional side of the ministry.

Prayer Points

 We have listed below some key areas for which we would appreciate your prayers.

  1. For the right doors to open for us at Living Stones Ministries.
  2. For continued anointing
  3. For continued good health and energy.
  4. For the tent missions to see many folk saved and healed.
  5. For finances to support the “mission” ministry of LSM.

Financial Support

 We believe the Lord has called us into this next chapter of our ministry not only to help established churches and leadership teams but also to partner with pioneers who are breaking new ground for the Kingdom Of God. To do this we need some financial support beyond our current resources.

We are a faith venture and rely on God’s generosity through His people. If you feel you can support either on a regular basis or as a one off gift please contact us and we will let you have the details of how you can do this.

Living Stones Ministries operates under the Elim Charity number 251549




3rd            ICM Training Day at East Ham

7th            Mission Training evening at Resolven, South Wales

10th         Marriage and Ministry, Princes Risborough

11th         faith Lift Church, Edmonton

13th         GS Regional Day, Ealing

15th         Met West Ladies Regional Team, St Albans

17th         Elim Church, Chiswick

18th         am Elim Church, Aldershot

pm Living Stones Ministries Coffee and Cake, Princes Risborough

19th         Love Wales planning meeting, Newport

20th         am Love Wales Mission Breakfast, Trehafod, Rhondda Valley

pm Mission Training evening at Resolven, South Wales

25th         Elim Church, Wimbledon

30th         Love Wales Equipping Conference, Cefn Lea, Mid Wales

31st          Love Wales Equipping Conference, Cefn Lea, Mid Wales


1st             Love Wales Equipping Conference, Cefn Lea, Mid Wales

3rd            ICM Training Day, east Ham

4th            Mission Training evening at Resolven, South Wales

5th            Met West Regional Team, Ealing

6th            River Camp Exec, Princes Risborough

8th            Bognor Regis

10th         Leader’s lunch, Wembley

11th       Breakthrough Praise training, Princes Risborough

13th         ICM Training Day

17th         Holiday in Spain to 26th  Yippee!

28th         Opening of Right Now Jesus Centre, Rushey Green

29th         am Elim Church, Wantage

pm HTB Pastorate, Brompton, London

30th        Caravan/ Kayak Holiday, Somewhere!


5th           Love Wales Training Day – Rhondda

8th            Regional Leader’s Breakfast, St Albans

9th            Regional Leader’s Breakfast, Crawley

15th         Regional Leader’s Breakfast, Rushey Green

16th         Regional Leader’s Breakfast, hayes

20th         Elim Church, Finchley,

25th         Outreach, Barnet


1st             Tent Missions in Rhondda Valley to 16th

17th         River Camp to 26th

In addition to all these planned events we continue to meet with Met West Regional pastors and wives and support David Campbell with regional matters.

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