October 2013 Update



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It is now just over two months since we handed over the senior leadership of Chilterns Christian Fellowship to our assistant pastors, Marcus and Wendy Pawsey.  They have been with the church for well over three years and I am sure, with God’s grace and the support of the amazing people of CCF, will see continued blessing and growth as they advance the Kingdom here in Princes Risborough.

Jane and I are now well into the next phase of Living Stones Ministries and we are already seeing our vision to “Equip the Church – Reach the Nations” coming into greater fruitfulness.

During the past two months we have ministered in churches across the denominations, both preaching at the main meetings and also spending time with leadership teams helping to define vision and developing implementation strategies to take the churches into the fullness of God’s calling for them.

We consider it a great privilege for us to spend time with leaders to bring encouragement both at personal and ministry levels.  Apart from bringing specific teaching on leadership and church growth we find that just spending time with leaders and sharing the lessons from our own journey helps bring reality, encouragement and hope.

Met West Region

We continue to serve our Regional Leader, David Campbell, as Regional Co-ordinator of the Met West Region of Elim. This involves a variety of activities in support of the many churches and leaders within the region. In particular over the past few months we have spent a considerable amount of time with the Filipino grouping of churches known as International Christian Ministries (ICM) in restructuring and preparing the grouping for the next season of growth.  This has been exciting and rewarding as we have journeyed together through the transition.  We look forward to seeing the plans unfold and become a reality in the months ahead.

We have also spent time with a number of leadership teams within the region and look forward to helping many others in the future.

Free For Life

Another aspect of our ministry is to teach and minister on issues of “Freedom” and “Wholeness in Spirit, Soul and Body”.  We are linking with a number of churches to help develop ongoing ministry in this area.

We continue to draft the new book to be entitled “Free forLife”.

Love Wales

Love Wales is an exciting initiative headed up by Welsh evangelist Marilyn Harry with the aim to “Re-evangelise the nation of Wales”.  We have been invited to be part of the initial steering group which we consider a great blessing and privilege at this time.

Wales has a great history of revival and we feel there is a prophetic awakening  at this time that points to another move of God throughout the nation of Wales. As I write we are preparing to travel to Swansea for the launch of the vision where Marilyn has invited all leaders and evangelists to gather for vision and prayer for this great initiative. Take a look at the “Love Wales” website to get more details.

Overseas Missions

Macedonia.    Our recent mission to Macedonia (3rd to 8th September) was a real blessing. We had been invited by Pastor Angel Pavlov from Stip to present the basis of our Seminar “Kingdom and Culture” which we did on Friday and Saturday. We ministered in the church on Sunday and the Lord moved in a mighty way with many people receiving personal ministry following the preaching of the Word.

We were also so privileged to visit several families in their homes and get some idea how these wonderful and hospitable folk live.  Many are in real need with very little income but they are prepared to share what they have. Their commitment to Christ costs them much in the context of the political and religious situation in Macedonia. We were both richly blessed and challenged at the same time.

We also met with the Red Cross director in Stip to establish a transit route for humanitarian aid to be sent from the UK to the poor and needy in this region of Macedonia. We are now working with our dear friends Colin and Debbie Kaye of “Into The Light”, Leighton Buzzard who have a tremendous ministry in the supply of  humanitarian aid to see how soon we can send some much needed help.

Pastor Angel and his family are doing a great job, seeing many souls saved and baptised recently. They are greatly assisted by Tony and Norma Coles who are the Elim missionaries serving them and the church.  We have made some wonderful friends and hope to return in May.

Philippines.    Our next major overseas mission is to Manila, Philippines in February. We are booked in for three weeks and travelling with a long standing friend Tim Collis. Tim has arranged ministry among some AOG churches and we have also arranged to minister at some churches linked with ELIM as well as a leaders gathering of the ICM network.

Although we have ministered extensively among the Filipino culture in this country and also in Athens, we are keen to serve these amazing people in the context of their own cultural environment.

Greece.   Another visit to Athens is being planned for March. We are looking forward to serving the church again in that ancient city. We have many friends from across the denominations and it is a great blessing to see them gather together to worship and to learn more about the Kingdom of God.

Prayer Support

As ever we are so grateful to all those who pray for us as we seek to “Equip the Church and Reach the Nations”.

Ongoing prayer support is appreciated for the following:

  • Continued anointing
  • New doors of opportunity to share the Gospel of the Kingdom
  • Wisdom to use our time effectively
  • Reliable transport. We are having some challenges with vehicles at the moment. This is a real need as we are covering a considerable mileage.
  • Finances. Again this is an ongoing journey of faith. We thank God for the support we already have but realistically we need more if we are going to fulfil the calling to the nations.
  • Health.  Generally we continue to enjoy good health but there are some issues, in particular Jane’s hearing continues to be challenging . We continue to pray for a miracle.


We are awaiting the imminent arrival of our 7th grandchild. Sarah and Phil are expecting a sister for Ben any time now! We will have quite a spread of ages, our oldest grandchild being 24! We are of course very excited and looking forward to welcoming the new addition into the world.

Training for the Devizes to Westminster Kayak Marathon is now entering the serious stage.  We have just taken delivery of a new Kirton Tasman Kayak which Geoff and our oldest son Tom will be paddling 128 miles over the four days of Easter 2014.

We shall be raising sponsorship for the Spinal Injuries Association which has given such tremendous help to our dear friend Martin Gadd since his accident four years ago. We shall be giving details of how you can sponsor us in our next update.


In addition to the ongoing commitment to the Met West Region, Love Wales and ICM we have quite a busy schedule over the next few months. Some key dates are as follows.


2nd                Visit Letchworth Elim GCC

5th                  ICM leaders training

10th                St Paul’s Cof E in St Albans

17th                Visit Camberwell Elim opening of Rushey Green building

24th               Harlesden Elim

26th              St Albans Regional leaders Breakfast

27th             Crawley Regional Leaders Breakfast


1st                 Camberwell Elim (Rushey Green)

7th-9th          Lincoln

9th                Regional Team

10th              Camberwell Regional Leaders Breakfast

11th              Hayes Regional Leaders Breakfast

15th             ICM Christmas Celebration

22nd            ICM Kings Cross




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