Free for life

Over the years Jane and I have had the great privilege of helping many people find their true identity in Christ that brings a release from the past, a wholeness in the present and a great destiny for the future.

“It was for freedom that Christ has set us free”.

(Galatians 5:1)

We have met with folk on an individual basis and also ministered  “wholeness” to groups, churches and also whole conferences.

We have built a comprehensive resource as we have travelled this journey with the Holy Spirit working “in” us as He has worked “through” us.

There are many expressions of this important aspect of Christian growth, all of which aim to deal with the life issues that hinder us in our daily life and limit our ability to receive and experience all that our loving Heavenly Father has for us.

We are available to serve in this way and would encourage all who have come to faith in Christ to make time available to experience this type of ministry.

Our new book, currently in process, entitled “FREE FOR LIFE” will include not only teaching but also personal application helps that will enable the truth to be established and lived out. There are chapters on the following subjects:-

  1. Biblical Foundations for wholeness
  2. Forgiveness – the key to Wholeness
  3. Freedom from Ungodly beliefs
  4. Realising your identity in Christ
  5. Freedom from Rejection
  6. Freedom from Generational issues
  7. Freedom from the Occult
  8. Freedom from Soul Ties
  9. Freedom from Bitter Root Judgements
  10. Freedom from Inner Vows
  11. Sexual wholeness
  12. Breaking the power of curses
  13. Walking in Freedom
  14. Your Helper, the Holy Spirit

Please do contact us and see how we can serve you and your church.